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I always felt like there was an “inside” and I was left out.

Everywhere I looked in cities and countries all over the world: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Big Mansions, Townhouses and the rich people who owned them.

Go online and there’s more of it.

Everyday seeing guys turned multi-millionaires even billionaires often starting from nothing

It was a couple years back when it really hit me.

I was making good money at the time but not multi-million-dollar money and definitely not on the level I wanted to be at.

My internet businesses were just taking off, I wasn’t a millionaire yet, but I was beginning to travel the world freely.

In Hong Kong the streets are awash with money. Gold platted Rolls-Royce’s, Aston Martin’s and hundred thousand dollar wrist watches.

London, Tokyo, New York, all over the world people are banking hard and living lives most will only ever dream about.

I made a promise to myself on that day that I will NEVER ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO.

Never quit on my vision for myself and my future, and hustle everyday on my QUEST to become part of the rich and powerful.

And it works.

When you set a QUEST for you and your life it is like your mind changes.

You get Motivated, FIRED-UP and start Taking Action.

This is what this website is all about, getting that Billionaire Courage to pursue are dreams. Learning how to Think Like A Billionaire.

It’s as if the part of your mind that responds to missions and goals clicks on.

When you set a goal like this for yourself it “triggers” a part of the brain that just makes you START!

And that’s exactly the purpose of this blog: to get as many people started on their QUEST to become super-rich and living life freely and on your own terms.

To not have to put up with bullshit jobs and stupid bosses, to not have to trade your most valuable resource — your time — for a measly paycheck.

To make money and live free.

If you’re new to this blog then I recommend you go to Start Here Part #1 and begin to set your quest for you and your life right now.

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