How To Adapt, Change & Evolve Like a Billionaire

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Adapting to changing circumstances in the marketplace yet also inside a company is key.

Being able to adapt, change and evolve.

Like founder Jeff Bezos’ tells us:

In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve.

Jeff Bezos

Billionaires often have the power of transformation of both their companies, yet also themselves.

For example like founder Jack Ma says:

It’s very difficult to know the outside world, but you know yourself. You know your need and what you want. If I know myself better, I can change myself to meet the outside world.

Jack Ma

Jeff Bezos also gives us another nugget of wisdom from his experience growing Amazon from zero to over $170 billion in revenue per year:

When the world changes around you and when it changes against you, what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind, you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.”

Jeff Bezos

Adapting, changing and evolving for a billionaire comes from how they think.

The smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought they’d already solved. They’re open to new points of view, new information, new ideas, contradictions, and challenges to their own way of thinking.

Jeff Bezos

The founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson gives us his insight on adaption and change and how it forms the basis of all great success.

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.

Richard Branson

In fact the top billionaires thinking adapts, changes and evolves so much that they know that their thought processes are continually upgrading.

So much so that they don’t know how their “future self” will think and see problems with upgraded thinking.

Five years from now, I don’t know how I’ll think.

Larry Ellison

Bill Gates also has words to say about how success has changed and today it is far more about reinvention than ever before.

Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.

Bill Gates

It’s almost natural for us as people not to like to change or adapt. It scares us and we want to feel in control and for things to stay them same.

But that doesn’t work in the real world because CHANGE is happening every second or every day. Everything is continually change and we must adapt, or die.

What’s more in business changes in industry can come and if you don’t adapt and reinvent yourself to meet them, they can wipe you out.

Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.

Elon Musk

I mean just think about what happened to book stores in the advent of the internet…

The ones that didn’t CHANGE and go online were completely wiped out by the emerging technology.

Some billionaires like Steve Jobs see change as an opportunity and not a threat:

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.

Steve Jobs

And from the CEO who tripled Microsoft’s stock price in just three years
as chief executive of the company, comes this nugget of wisdom:

The way I measure my life is ‘Am I better than I was last year?’

Satya Nadella

Nowadays more than any other time is history it is key that we continue to evolve with new and emerging technologies, or risk getting left behind.

Pete Cashmore the founder of says:

Always, in your career and personal life, be evolving with technology.

Pete Cashmore

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