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Hi my name's William or Bill Young as I author as. Inside Billionaire is everything I've learned and continue to learn studying how billionaires think, plan and become, well, Billionaires...

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What Does It Mean To “Be Rich”?

I get asked this all the time because people tell me I’m rich. I do pretty good but I don’t consider myself...

About The Purpose of this Blog

I always felt like there was an "inside" and I was left out. Everywhere I looked in cities and...

How I Became a Millionaire Online

When I first started online I had no idea how much money I could make. I didn’t actually know...

Get Rich Slow? Avoid it like the Black Plague

The only thing worse than buying into get rich quick schemes, is believing in "get rich slow". This literally...

How To Master Sex Transmutation For Success in Business

Sex is a strong force. I mean think about it... With the desire for sex we are often driven...