Be Crazy to Be Billionaire

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After studying inside the lives of billionaires for many years, there’s one thing that I’ve noticed…

You gotta be crazy to be Billionaire.

There’s really no other way.

People are going to think you’re stupid, talk behind your back, laugh at your goals and visions…

And that’s just what they do.

They sit on the sidelines of life jeering at others because deep down they’re actually jealous of you and scared you’re going to get ahead.

It remind me of when I first started. I was studying and learning everything I could about internet marketing.

All day long, and night too, I was reading and learning anything I could to start making money online.

My family and friends continually told me I was fooling myself, I wasn’t going to make it and I should go and get a real job.

Yet something inside me told me if I just stuck with it I would eventually find a way and meet with success.

And I did.

In fact when I took off I took off in a big way and made a lot of money in a very short amount of time.

Especially when compared to conventional “real jobs”…

And that’s what you have to do, you have to keep going even when everyone else in your life is telling you to give up.

You’ve got to keep going even when your mind is telling you to give up.

You must keep going.

I guarantee you that if you start a blog or website and keep at it everyday for 6 months, you will begin to start making money from that site.

It’s only hard BEFORE YOU START.

When you get going you will see that blog posts essentially write themselves, followers and people searching for the ideas you present in your posts start to become aware of you…

And it can really snowball from there.

That’s not to say when you’re just starting out there aren’t going to be challenging times when things seem to be moving slowly.

But like I said if you simply commit to giving it 6 months of consistent effort you will see results.

And when you begin to see results you will not want to stop.

I have websites where every time I post I make money.

And so guess what I love doing most on that website?


The traffic comes in from Google and social media sites and it generates sales of the product that I am selling on that site.

Billionaires and other highly successful people may as well be crazy to the average Joe.

Do you think that people didn’t think Steve Jobs was crazy. Or Mark Zuckerberg or the Google guys Larry Page and Sergey Brin…

At a certain time every billionaire is seen as crazy.

In fact based on the biographies I’ve read of billionaires and everything that I’ve seen and know to be true…

You just gotta to be crazy to achieve the big things in life.

I think one of the main reasons for this is that if you go along with everyone else then you will simply get the same mediocre results that everyone else gets.

If you want to be better and achieve more than the average then you have to stop caring what other people think.

And that’s where it pays to be a bit crazy.

I don’t mean wacko-crazy, I mean crazy enough to follow your vision when the whole world is against you.

Crazy enough to demand that life pays you the price you ask.

Crazy enough to even believe that you could, one day, become a billionaire.

If you want some inspiration about what being a crazy billionaire is all about (at least to me), Richard Branson is the perfect example…

I don’t think Branson minds people thinking he’s crazy, he’s an eccentric billionaire and doesn’t care who knows it…

Richard Branson on a long-haul flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur after losing a Formula1 racing bet with AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes… this guy doesn’t welch on a bet.
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