Why Being a Big Fish in a Small Pond is Good for Online Businesses

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When you’re just starting out and setting up your website for your first internet business, my advice…

It’s far better to be a big fish in a small pond.

The internet is huge and if you setup a site for example about the stock market in its entirety chances are it could take years of diligent blogging before you’re noticed.

While if you setup a blog about how to go on an all-inclusive ski vacation with your family without breaking the bank, now that’s a niche that has many things going for it.

I use this example a lot because it presents a niche market that has people shopping for high ticket products, these vacations can run into the thousands, even tens of thousands.

And it has many people searching in the market looking for the best price vacations and packages.

All it takes is to setup a blog in a market like this one and begin to write about skiing trips and vacations.

Of course this example supposes that you are passionate about this specific subject and do have some inside information to share.

And remember, I am just using the skiing trip website as an example, it could be anything that fits a similar description.

And that description really is that it needs to have buyers in the market searching for information.

Then you with your blog site are there to provide that information to them. And in the meantime you have pulled together all the best resources on skiing trips and found the best places for them to book at a deep discount.

If you are really smart you will make a commission off the holiday itself that they book. While also selling the e-book giving them the tips and information on the trip they are about to take.

A blog done well setup like that could easily make $100 to $250 per day, and if you include the commissions you generate from the ski trips themselves you could be looking at more than double that.

The market is small enough that you can gain traction relatively easily. From there you become the market leader and all the information-seekers flock to your website.

They buy your e-book that tells them where and how to book a ski trip at a discounted rate. And you make a commission every time someone signs up and pays for their holiday.

If you hustle and really put the energy into your site you could be looking at getting paid within your first few months of business

This is why it pays to be a big fish in a small pond.

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