Become a Billionaire by Helping People Reach Their Goals

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Many people ask me about how I became a millionaire…

And those who know me and my billionaire vision often ask how I plan to become a billionaire one day.

The way that I became a millionaire, at least in my mind, was to help a million people.

The more people you help the more money you will make IF you set the return for your help in a dollar value.

So the best way to become a billionaire truly is to help a billion people.

At least that’s how I look at it.

It’s a nice way of picturing the vision and seeing how your success is tied to helping other people have success in what they are doing.

I want to help as many people as possible and I’m really happy when I receive emails from people who I’ve helped find more success in their live.

I know deep down the more people I help achieve their goals, the more those people in total will help me achieve mine.

Sometimes I think to myself, “how can I help a billion people?”

And idea of some things that have helped billions and made billions for their founders are things like Google, PayPal and Uber.

These are things that help people everyday and have made many billions of dollars for the people involved in them.

So if you are wondering how you will become a billionaire one day, how can you help a billion people?

Want to become a millionaire? Same question,. What can you do to help a million people.

And the answers to these two questions are very different.

That’s why personally I believe if you are just starting out and have little money, you focus on helping a million people first.

The best way of helping a million people I think is to start a blog.

You can start a blog so easily and so cheaply and begin to help people thousands at a time through your blog posts.

They all get indexed in Google, searches find them and you begin helping people.

Many people you will be helping for free but in my mind it all counts.

If you help 100 people and out of those 100 people 1 person buys from you and pays you $100… that is how it works.

So, how will you help people with your blog?

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