Billionaire Jeff Bezos Quote That Sums it up Right.

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“If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting.”

This is so true.

Whenever you set out in this world to seek your fortune or follow your vision, there will always be naysayers along the way.

If people aren’t saying you’re crazy you’re probably not going after your vision as hard as you need to.

It goes with the territory that whenever the average person sees someone rising up, they actually far more often want to try and pull that person down.

Not because they want to you understand. But just because they feel they couldn’t handle it if you suddenly became rich and powerful and left them behind.

Yet they are ironically doing the exact types of behavior which pretty much guarantee when you make it you will leave them behind.

In actual fact however it is often the people closest to you who actually normally care for you a lot and would be totally there for you.

It’s just this cognitive bias, this automatic mental reaction, we all carry around in different doses I guess.

Maybe something to do with our evolutionary history and having likely evolved in tribes of between 100 to 150 people over the last few thousand years.

If this is the case and I believe it is then that may be the reason why when people see someone close to them moving up they want to pull them down.

They don’t want to lose their position in the pecking order.

Jess Bezos is the self-made billionaire and founder of He currently has a net worth of over $100 billion.

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