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You should understand what the Brain really is. Because your brain, your onboard computer if you like, is what will make or break your way in this world.

The brain can be looked at just like a computer. The actual physical stuff on the brain. This is the hardware.

The visualization, imagination, intuition, and many more faculties of the brain should be looked at as the “software” of the brain.

Or a better word, Mind.

So when we say “Brain” we are talking about the actual physical mushy stuff inside your head — yet also throughout your entire body too.

In many ways modern science has done us a disservice in concentrating everything around the head. This was never the case if you study ancient history.

Whether you are looking into Buddhism and the realizations made there about the brain and mind.

Or back to ancient Egypt where the Heart was heralded as the center of the mind, and what we think of as brain in our head. That was swiftly discarded when the body was being prepared for the afterlife.

On this page we begin to get a better understanding of the equipment we have been born with. So we can begin to use and direct it toward are vision of becoming rich and successful.

Everyday consciousness

This type of “everyday consciousness” may be useful in everyday life. Things like navigating daily life and making simple choices.

Yet this type of “everyday consciousness” is not useful in the acquisition of riches.

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