Business is Fun When You do What You Love

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There’s nothing worse than trying to build a business in an area which you are not passionate about.

You lack the motivation, drive and everything else that comes naturally when you create a business in a market that you are passionate about.

I call this type of business turning your passion into money and it works exactly how it sounds.

When you find what it is you love to do, perhaps you’re really into sports and want to create a blog about how to get discount tickets to sports events…

Or maybe you love to surf and so you review all the top surf camps around the world and get paid on commission every time you sell a surf camp holiday?

There are dozens and dozens of examples I can come up with where you can take a starting point of something that you love…

and turn it into a money making business on the internet.

So really start thinking. What is it that you love to do anyway?

Who else is interested in the same things?

And what money making angle can I come up with so I can start a business online which is profitable, as well as fun.

For example going back to the sports blog idea. If you simply made a blog about let’s say basketball yet there was no money-making intent by the searchers who find your blog…

Then you may have a hared time making money with it.

However if you start a blog about a commercial aspect of the thing that you love, for example buying tickets to sports events, then that is something where money can be made.

There will always be people in this world who want to pay less for something than the retail price.

If you can discover information about how to get things at discounted rates or show people how to do something better, faster, cheaper…

Then that is something that can be packaged into an e-book and sold at a good return for you.

It’s also great because you are now helping others and because you have taken the time and attention to your product and what you are putting out…

These people will now spread the word and soon you will have more customers and people following you and buying what you sell.

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