“Can I Become a Millionaire?”

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When people ask me this question I look at them and say, “you can become a millionaire just as soon as you decide that is what you want and start… building everyday until you reach your goal.”

I know that may sound simple yet becoming a millionaire is not like becoming a billionaire.

For me becoming a billionaire is the overarching vision. Whether I ever become a billionaire we will have to see, but I am already a millionaire and fast becoming a multimillionaire…

So I do know about that.

And I do know that to become a millionaire it is as simple as putting yourself in a place where it is possible to make that kind of money.

For example investing in the stock market, or starting your own internet business.

Finding a strategy that works. And then keep on doing it until you fly past the $1 million dollar mark.

Actually becoming a millionaire today with the internet is not that hard.

It does take work and definitely persistence but it really is not that hard at all.

It’s not like it’s only me who has become a millionaire online. Lots of people have, a lot of bloggers, and others who run affiliate websites, even AdSense websites, many are millionaires already.

So can you become a millionaire?

Well it depends…

Can you decide that this is what you want over anything else?

Can you start now to build a business?

And can you continually persist to build your business regardless of what anyone else may say or think?

If you are thinking yes to these questions then it is likely that you can become a millionaire.

You just need to start.

Bill Young

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