How To Build Billion-Dollar Courage in Your Work and Life

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Billionaires have courage.

The courage to act. The courage to think. The courage to be and do things differently.

Don’t get it twisted though. It’s not that billionaires don’t have fear.

They feel the same fear you and I do. Courage is acting in the face of your fears. Feeling the fear, but doing it anyway.

Studying inside the minds of billionaires everyday one thing has become infinitely clear

Billionaires “Think Different”.

Thinking like a billionaire means having the courage to trust your own intuition, follow your heart and what is it that you believe. Over anything else.

For example when billionaire Steve Jobs came up with the slogan “Think Different” for Apple’s advertising campaigns… what do you think he got back from the marketing department?

You can’t say “think different” Steve that doesn’t even make grammatical sense…

Our advertising campaigns should be “Think differently“.

The “Think Different” advertising campaign went onto become one of the most iconic in history.

Many would say taking Apple from the brink of bankruptcy and beginning it’s metamorphosis into the giant it is today.

So how do we “Think Different”?


It may surprise you when I say you already do think different. The ideas that bubble up out of each of our brains are often highly unique and original.

The problem is not that we don’t have ideas. The problem is that we don’t have the courage to follow our heart and intuition.

What’s worse, instead of listening to our inner voice, what we believe to be true… so often we listen to other people’s opinions of our ideas.

Will they really know better than you?

Thinking like a billionaire means having the courage to trust and develop the ideas that we do think.

Away from the outside influences of others and regardless of whatever people may think or say.

If you are Steve Jobs do you listen to what other people think and put that above what you believe?

No way. Not a chance in hell would Steve ever do that.

And while I’m not saying you should be a jerk about it either, but goddamn if you have an idea which you believe will work then you do it.

Don’t you ever wait for others approval. None will come.

Instead generate the courage inside you to follow what you believe and work on it everyday.

Cultivating Courage

Of all the billionaire traits that I have studied courage seems to be chief among them.

You may have a virtual goldmine inside your mind right now, yet without courage never will your ideas be realized.

Without courage you will never live the life that is meant for you.

Instead you will be stuck trapped by the ideas and opinions of others, never allowing you to breakout on your own.

And the only way courage can be cultivated: is by applying more courage in your life.

Because courage can only be made by being courageous.

There is no other way of making more courage…

Courage needs to be exercised to be increased.

And you have an opportunity to exercise a tiny bit of courage right now by using this simple technique.

It may cause you to get a bit out of your comfort zone because it is designed to access your Subconscious Mind.

Yet if you are serious about tuning into the mind of billionaires then do it. 

Do it because it will allow you to more clearly see the ideas that you have. As well as often show you the first step where you can take action with courage.

Your starting point for this exercise must be clear.

So clear your mind right now.


No outside influences. Allow your mind to become completely clear.

Nothing to think about. Going no place. Just here. And now.

I like to take a deep breath through my nose as I allow thoughts to drift away making a clear space to work.


What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

There’s no need to force an answer. Just allow things to flow naturally.

What would you do if you knew, regardless of what you try, you could not fail?

What project would you start? Is there a business idea that you would finally commit to? What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

Perhaps some ideas are beginning to surface right now or maybe one is just beginning to bubble up.

Maybe it is a plan that is beginning to take shape?

When an idea does come into your mind, just know it.

Just understand what your mind is telling you.

Because believe it or not the idea that came up for you is almost certainly something you should do.

Maybe it is not all completely clear yet but it is your Intuition and it is telling you something.

This is your starting point for great things to come.

Yet let me warn you.

Ideas are fragile especially those that have bubbled up deep from your Subconscious Mind.

So learn to keep your own counsel.

Unless there is someone who is part of your idea and plans, save your courage for Taking Action.

Forget about other people and apply courage now in taking a first step toward bringing your idea into existence.

We’re back in reality now I know. So fear of failure can sometimes begin to creep in.

But this is where you feel the fear and do it anyway.

What first step can you take right now?

You have just potentially come back from your Subconscious Mind with an idea that can make you rich, or fulfill some other major goal in your life.

If you haven’t come back with an idea like that. Then try the method of clearing your mind again and really ask yourself this time what your idea is.

Because you have one.

Billionaires access and use their subconscious minds all the time to come up with new plans and ideas.

Meditative states which, believe it or not, you were just in are used to ACCESS information not usually available in ordinary waking consciousness.

And when you begin to use these Subconscious Mind techniques with the Billionaire Courage you are building…

You will begin to see your ideas take shape in reality.

And when wedded with Persistence, and a burning Desire for riches, soon they will be coming your way.

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