Decision Making

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An indecision is still a decision. Many people fail to make any decision at all about their future and what it is they must do. Instead drifting through life with no purpose achieving little to nothing in their life.

This is a miserable way to live and something that should be avoided at all costs.

If nothing else. Make A DECISION. About what it is that you want for yourself in this life. What it is you are prepared to do or sacrifice for it.

And then decide to work on making your vision for your life, a waking reality.

Everyone should at least do that much.

I don’t care if you want to be a starving artist, work a tugboat on the Hudson, or a billionaire entrepreneur…

Make a decision.

This is something that I cannot stress enough. And really get into the details.

What exactly do you want. Say it out loud. Mean it. Commit to it.

Because the decision that you make, or choose not to make, will effect the rest of your life.

Jan Koum emigrated to the U.S. without a penny to his name. By working really hard he taught himself to code and managed to get a job at Yahoo!

So when he make the decision to quit and and start WhatsApp, it was a big risk.

Most would have the idea but never take any action. Just watch it pass by as they fail to make any decision at all. Not Koum though.

He went to work in 2009 diligently transforming his vision for a messaging app into reality. Persevering with determination, courage and persistence for many years.

Before finally selling the WhatsApp Inc. to Facebook for $19 billion.

Currently Jan Koum has a personal net worth of 9.5 billion

Don’t be someone who fails to make a decision.

Many people don’t become rich or successful simply because they fail to make a decision to set out on the path.

Decision making is an essential step in transforming your thoughts and vision into reality.

Billionaire J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, says:

“For the most important decisions in your life, trust your intuition, and then work with everything you have, to prove it right.”

What is your gut telling you?

What decision can you make today that will move you forward to realizing your dreams?

It is your choices that most shape your reality. This page will tell you about how to make decisions and choices in your life.

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