The Power Of A BURNING DESIRE To Achieve Success

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Behind every major achievement, every billion-dollar success story, there has been a BURNING DESIRE at the back of it.

Like the burning desire Mark Cuban had when he first launched AudioNet with the idea of streaming radio and sports online. Resulting in a $5.7 billion dollar acquisition of his company.

The burning desire Mark Zuckerberg had when he realized the idea of “exclusivity” and applied it to building the biggest social network the world has ever seen. Now estimated to be worth over $600 billion dollars.

Or the burning desire Steve Jobs had when he returned to Apple after having been ousted a decade earlier.

Many had written Steve Jobs off as a failure. Someone who was simply in the right place at the right time when he first founded Apple. Jobs came back wanting to prove to himself and to the world, that it wasn’t just a fluke early on in his career.

And with him bought the BURNING DESIRE to make Apple products the very best, taking the company from near bankruptcy to becoming the most valuable company in the world.

The stories of billionaires, are the stories of men and women who had the burning desire to bring an idea contained in their mind, into a business in reality.

Sara Blakely transformed her idea of “shapewear” into the billion-dollar company, Spanx. Earning a personal fortune of over $1 billion in the process.

But before Sara Blakely was the woman behind this billion-dollar success story, she was a dismal failure.

She failed repeatedly. She failed at becoming a standup comedian, she failed at becoming a lawyer like her father because she failed the LSAT exam twice.

She even failed to play the Goofy character at Disney World and was forced to play a Chipmunk instead.

For seven long years Sara attempted to sell fax machines, cold-calling prospects, trying to sell, and facing rejection everyday.

Reflecting back on these years, Sara says: “It was great life training”.

“It taught me how to sell, it taught me how to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ and most importantly, it taught me persistence.”

Which is why when luck did finally strike (the winning idea) she was ready.

“I spent all my money on this one pair of cream pants and I decided one day to cut the feet out of the pantyhose. I threw them on under my white pants, and went to a party. I looked fabulous, I felt great, I had no panty lines, I looked thinner and smoother.”

She tells us her mind suddenly lit up with the single idea: “This should exist for all women” she thought.

A BURNING DESIRE began to rise through her body as she imagined women all over the world benefiting from her discovery.

The only problem?

“I’d never taken a business class, I’d never worked in fashion or retail. I’d actually been selling fax machines door-to-door for seven years, since graduating from college, and I had $5,000 in savings. I’d just moved out of my mom’s house, and I was dating a loser.”

Yet Sara was not deterred by her circumstances. She was not put off by her position. Instead she was DRIVEN.

Driven by the burning desire of bringing the idea contained in her mind, into a product in reality.

So what did she do next? She worked.

Sara knew next to nothing at all about mass producing, marketing, developing and selling her product online. But with a BURNING DESIRE nothing could stop her and she figured it all out along the way.

She researched and learned the specialized knowledge she needed and simply hired out the tasks she couldn’t do by herself. Continually marching forward with faith and optimism about her inevitable success.

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