Do You Really Want to Be a Billionaire?

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Many people come to me and say, “I want to be a billionaire”, “I want to be rich”, “I want to be famous and have a big bum like Kim Kardashian”.

And it goes on.

But then what you really find out is that actually they wanted a $100,000 a year and that actually suited them perfectly.

They have time to play with their kids, they travel all over the world and they make a comfortable salary.

Then still more at around the $500,000 per year, doing really really good!

At this level friends have multiple homes and apartments, some in countries like Thailand where buying is cheaper, but also of course in the States, Canada and Europe.

Maybe not big portfolios but adding properties and growing net worth with the housing markets. Leasing the properties out, and also of course saving on where they stay when they go to different places.

No rent of course.

Yes at the $500,000 per year level it’s is super comfortable, travel is easy and there are many more convenience,. No more crappy hotels.

I actually do know a few billionaires. Two to be precise. Actually now only one because the father has handed down the money and split it between his four children who are also in the same business.

Originally they split themselves between three different continents and commenced trade with each other internationally.

In any case when you get to that level things are different. It may sound cool but I have long suspected that actually being a billionaire does come with its unique set of challenges too.

It’s not all the glitz and glam in fact likely none of it for most billionaires, if they can help it.

Not all billionaires are like Mark Cuban or Larry Ellison, many are not known about hardly at all.

Being a billionaire I think is something different than we expect at first. And while my goal and vision for myself is to of course to reach that height…

It also feels like a kind of competitive draw above anything else.

I have seen it. I want to have it.

Even though I believe if I ever do become a billionaire, that it may not be all that I had thought it to be.

And in reality if I reach a couple of hundred million dollars in my life I would likely slow down, not speed up.

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