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I had to add Donald Trump to my list of billionaires to study because love him or hate him, the fact is he actually made some very smart moves early on.

When Trump was younger he made bold make or break real estate investments which really paid off.

Many already know that Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was himself a very successful real estate investor. And many are ready to point to this and say that Donald Trump is not self-made…

Well I don’t really agree with that.

You see Fred Trump was a very conservative man, investing in real estate projects far from Manhattan, mostly in Brooklyn and Queens.

Very low key housing project deals. For example he built 27,000 low-income apartments and row houses in Coney island.

A far cry from what Donald Trump was about to do next

Not only did Donald Trump majorly surpass his father in terms of the billion dollar real estate empire that he built, he also did it in a completely new and different way.

Nowadays the Trump brand would never want to associate itself with low-cost anything…

…row houses?

I don’t think so. I want to build buildings like this…

And this…

While Fred Trump made low-risk investments in low-income homes, Donald Trump made high-risk investments in high-income homes, and later casinos.

Trump forged his own way and built the Trump brand into what it is today. And while parts of his brand like the so-called “Trump University” are mired in controversy…

Overall the Trump brand is extremely strong and stands for wealth, luxury and success.

And you’d be amazed at how much weight the Trump brand carries internationally.

For example nowadays most of the “Trump” buildings are not owned by Donald Trump or his companies at all.

Rather he has licensed out the Trump brand and let’s other real estate investors take all the risk. While he gets paid just for the use of his brand it is so strong.

Donald Trump became a billionaire more than just because he made some very good real estate investments early in his career, but because…

Donald Trump is a brand master.

He understands the power of a strong brand and has used that to make his billions… and hey, even become the 45th president during the process.

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