Find a way. Not an excuse.

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Everywhere I go nowadays people always want to know how I earn my living and how I get to travel all over the world…

I tell them about starting a business on the internet, about blogs, websites and the stock market. And it always seems to go the same way…

I won’t even ask but they’ll start telling me dozens of excuses why they can’t do the same.

Usually the people asking are stuck in a dead end job that they hate but still spew out these excuses.

These excuses may seem harmless yet in actual fact they are stealing your ambitions, hopes and dreams.

Give up on silly excuses and “reasons why” you can’t be happy and wealthy.

It’s just BS coming from your mind because it is afraid to take that first step and actually do something with your life.

Find a way. Not an excuse.

Start taking steps toward your dream and you will see the universe will begin to line up and rally behind you.

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