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Focus doesn’t mean doing everything. In fact focus specifically means hardly doing anything.

ONLY focusing on what it is that you want to achieve. And nothing else.

It is selective awareness. The ability to focus on what it is that you need to so you can get the job done.

While blocking out all the bullshit distractions that only serve to get in your way, and delay you from achieving your vision.

“One of the keys to thinking big is total focus. I think of it almost as a controlled neurosis. Which is a quality I’ve noticed in many highly successful entrepreneurs” says Donald Trump.

When you can focus on one thing at a time with BURNING DESIRE to bring your thoughts and ideas into reality, there is no stopping you.

Billionaire visionary Steve Jobs says: “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.”


Focus on your highest point of Leverage. Focus on the things that distinguish your products and company from your competitors.

And then work.

Working with persistence and focus for many years on your organized plans for the accumulation of riches, and you will see the results.

This the exact type of work that every self-made billionaire and highly rich and successful person were doing BEFORE they became billionaires.

It is a strong, directed, force of energy into your plans and desires with the intention of creating value and selling it for a profit. That results in the billionaires and super-rich in this world.

“I learned the value of focus. I learned it is better to do one product well than two products in a mediocre way” says Netflix Founder, Reed Hastings.

At a certain point in life, every man and woman of great achievement, have focused solely on what it is they were trying to accomplish and build.

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