Get Over Childhood Problems That Are Holding You Back

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It seems that everywhere I go nowadays there are people blaming their childhoods or things in their past for their lack of success as an adult.

Claiming they can’t achieve because they were told they were “useless” as kids and it’s somehow scarred them for life.

Somehow feeling like they are “damaged goods”…

Look if you want to achieve in a big way, become a millionaire, maybe even someday become a Billionaire…

Then you have to put away childish BS from your past.

You have to start thinking like a man and start taking control of your own life and your own destiny.

Because if you keep looking at your past and blaming it for your crappy life and poor future, then that is all you will get.

More of the same.

Yet if you realize that every single billionaire in the world faced adversity probably 10x more than the average person has, — and that was actually what made them great — then you may start to see that your past is actually an opportunity.

Larry Ellison was an orphan didn’t know his parents. Probably felt somewhat chucked away, disposed of… yet did that stop him?

John Paul DeJoria the founder of Patrón now with a net worth of over $2 billion… was homeless living in his car with his son.

So whatever your problems may be. It’s time to start getting over them and looking to the future, building your vision.

Bringing your fantasies into reality.

Forgetting about the past and silly habits that no longer serve you. And building your vision everyday.

That’s the way to get over your personal BS and put that energy into building businesses and realizing success.

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