Get Rich Slow? Avoid it like the Black Plague

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The only thing worse than buying into get rich quick schemes, is believing in “get rich slow”.

This literally sucks away your motivation and drive and is complete BS nowadays with modern technology and the internet.

There may have been a time in the past when this was relevant. Actually wait stop, it was never relevant.

This was always a bullshit lie, let’s look at one example.

I was just reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. In it there is a short story about a husband and wife called Louis and Regina Borgenich.

The story starts out in New York city, the year is 1889.

Louis and Regina Borgenich are dirt poor immigrants with no prospects, little money and a family to feed.

They live in a tiny apartment on Eldridge Street, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, renting for $8 a month.

After attempting to sell fish on a street corner, Louis noticed that pushcart peddlers seemed to be earning more. Seeing this he adapted and became a pushcart peddler himself, first selling towels, then bananas, and after that socks and stockings.

One day he was walking home and noticed a girl wearing an embroidered apron over her dress, cut low in the front with a tie in the back.

It struck him because of all the clothing shops he looked through in his research of things to sell, he had never seen one of these being sold.

And because he was in search of a winning product he went back to his wife and told her about what he had seen.

With an old sewing machine and some material he purchased, his wife began to sew together similar embroidered aprons.

After working until midnight she had sewn together 40 aprons. The very next morning her husband Louis went out to Hester street, shouting:

“Children’s aprons! Little girls’ aprons! Colored ones, ten cents. White ones, fifteen cents! Little girls’ aprons!”

By lunch time, all of the aprons were gone.

He swiftly returned home to his wife to tell her the news and decided that together they could turn this into a real business.

The next day they went to H. B. Claflin a cloth company where they invested their life savings of $125 on enough fabric to make ten dozen aprons.

Day and night Regina worked to sew the clothes and produce the aprons. When a batch of 40 were made Louis headed to the street with his pushcart and within hours each time the aprons were sold for a profit.

They had found the winning product, and now they simply repeated the process again and again… selling more and more aprons day in, day out.

Louise became known as the “apron man” and people from all around would wait and look for him to come and purchase his aprons.

Before long business was doing so well they decided to branch out making adult aprons, then petticoats, then women’s dresses.

While also convincing wholesalers to sell cloth to them directly increasing their profit margins for every piece of clothing they sold.

From there the rest is history as Louis and Regina Borgenich became very rich in just a few short years.

I really like this story and there are literally thousands more just like it. If Louis believed in “get rich slow” he would have continued to sit on the street corner selling fish.

Yet because he realized that by looking at what was working for others, changing and adapting to become a pushcart seller. And then testing different products to sell until he found a winning product…

He was fast able to become very rich and without even being able to speak fluent English.

This reminds me of when I first started doing business online.

After searching I noticed that people were making money with blogs and websites. I didn’t know the first thing about how to make a website, so I adapted and learned how.

Then I tried selling a number of different things as an Amazon associate, everything from washing machines to electronics, luggage and jewelry…

I even had a dildo website way back when. Psst… they sold really well.

Until I found out what sold best and then doubled-down on those specific products and kept producing websites and selling, selling, selling. Earning almost $100,000 in less than 2 years.

Stay away from get rich quick schemes that’s absolutely true. Yet also avoid like the plague the infectious idea of getting rich slow.

The people who have bought into this idea of “get rich slow” are actually losers who have given up on their hopes and dreams of becoming rich at all.

“No I haven’t given up, I’m just deciding to get rich slow…” yeah, right, keep telling yourself that.

The super-rich people in this life never believe in get rich slow, they believe in get rich smart which is what this site is all about

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