How I Became a Millionaire Online

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When I first started online I had no idea how much money I could make.

I didn’t actually know the first thing about making money online at all, I just dreamed of working from home and went online searching…

At first I got scammed so many times it makes my head spin to think back on it now.

Buying into this get rich quick scheme, joining that MLM program, continually losing money and not making a dime.

Fortunately the one thing I did have going for me…

…is I can be persistent as hell.

Everyone in my life from my friends to my close family were telling me I was being foolish, wasting time and money on the internet and that I was never going to make it work.

Lucky for me when someone says I can’t do something I double-down on it and make sure I do it just to prove them wrong.

That has actually worked for me a number of times in the past.

And I can tell you as I do to everyone who asks me, if you want to make anything work for you in this life you have to persist at it.

You have to plan your work, and work your plan.

After persisting for many months I finally did find a way of making websites that made money with Google AdSense and also selling items as an associate for and other affiliate offers.

I focused on SEO which stands for search engine optimization to rank my websites high in the Google search engine and get free traffic.

I then began to sell the websites themselves on which would give me quick influxes of cash which I then invested building more websites and making more money.

And then I simply kept on doing it.

When you find a simple strategy that works, often all you need to do is keep doing it.

I streamlined my website building, selling and scaling out with more websites to an art form.

Within 5 years I had made $1 million dollars online and was living in Asia where my money went far further than it did back home.

When people ask me about this they’re often shocked I can earn so much with websites.

What they don’t realize is that when you find a strategy of setting up websites that make money you can rinse and repeat the system many times over.

Soon you have a small fleet of websites that consistently drive traffic and sales. You find yourself waking up in the morning and you’ve made $500 in sales sometimes… literally while you were sleeping.

It wasn’t easy and there was a time for example when Google was doing lots of updates to their search engine ranking algorithms when I was almost put out of business.

Yet when you keep on going, keep building, keep selling, keep looking at what went wrong and fixing it, soon things begin to click.

Providing solutions to problems people may have

One way that I found very profitable was by identifying problems people may have and providing solutions to fulfill their problems.

For example many of the blogs and sites I have built are in travel. I love to travel and am almost always on the go.

I love vacations and holidaying all over the world from Europe to Australia, I love Asia, Morocco, South Africa and India.

When people are booking their vacations the first place they logon is the internet to check out deals and get information about the trip they’re planning.

This is a great because if you can connect with people in their research phase…

Then you can make money while helping people get what they want.

By simply having a blog or website about the trip they are planning you can help them with many things from booking their accommodations, to package holiday deals and even on flights.

An example I like to give is about people looking to book a ski vacation.

Whenever there is a holiday package it can spell big money if you can sell entire packages. Ski resorts and similar type holiday packages will often cut you in a juicy commission if people book via your website.

What’s more, not only can you make commissions from their bookings…

…you can also make a simple e-book and sell it from your site.

Sound complicated? It’s really not.

If you can navigate and use websites like Facebook and Instagram and you can write English, you have enough skills to create an e-book.

All you need to do is search and find out about all the best deals and things people need to know before booking the package holiday trip they’re planning.

Make sure to add your affiliate links inside the book so when they click through to buy something, you make the affiliate commission.

Then either give the e-book away for free or sell it cheap for something like $7.

Wouldn’t you pay $7 for information that could save you thousands of dollars on a ski vacation?

I know I certainly would, and I do. When I book trips and packages I will often buy an e-book if the site owner claims they can save me time and money from the research they’ve done. It just makes sense.

I don’t actually ski, I snowboard and saving money on my trips is one of the first things I try to do because they ain’t cheap.

Now $7 doesn’t sound like much and you may be thinking how can I become a millionaire selling something for 7 bucks?

Well for a start when you sell your own e-book product online for $7 or $20 or even a $100, you essentially keep the entire amount.

Aside from some minor PayPal fees of a couple of percent, you’re making all the money for yourself.

What’s more the e-book itself contains affiliate links and there are some opportunities out there where you can make hundreds of dollars commission for selling package holidays, sometimes even more.

And this is just one simple example. You can make money with websites in all kinds of markets… I should know, I used to have a website selling dildos on Amazon

Where ever there is an opportunity of helping people save time, energy and money… or trying to solve a problem in their lives…

There is an opportunity for you to make money providing solutions.

It’s great fun, very profitable and you can start for literally less than a hundred bucks.

It’s a method I have mastered allowing me to build a considerable income online.

And the best bit?

I can work from anywhere in the world and I also save on taxes by banking offshore.

It’s actually one of the best ways to start making money. I’ve really been thinking about how much I love it recently because after researching new business models and opportunities to grow my net worth…

I always come back to realizing wow out of all the things I’ve looked at building blogs and websites has got to be one of the most fun, fulfilling and easy ways to make money.

The only problem..

The moment I became a millionaire I realized that $1 million dollars is really not a lot of money any more.

Back in the day when people started saying “millionaire” and it became a thing, a million dollars was worth a lot more.

I remember listening to a Brian Tracy tape where he was saying that a million dollars is more like $5 million dollars in today’s inflated money.

And that’s probably about right.

So while I am of course happy to have crossed that threshold and become a millionaire, I also realize I haven’t done nothing yet.

And I also need to up my game because spitting out niche websites and blogs may be a lot of fun and a great way of making your first million…

…but you won’t become a billionaire doing that.

To become a billionaire you have to really begin to think like Billionaire.

It’s a multi-disciplinary approach.

What multi-disciplinary means is not just using one discipline like marketing or even building online businesses, but a range of different skills.

For example a major one of course, is investing.

If you want to not only make money but also keep the money that you make you need to understand how to properly invest.

How to set out your investment portfolio, how to structure it based on your tolerance for risk and goals for the fund, and how to grow your returns while hedging against risk.

There’s quite a bit to it yet it’s incredible because it upgrades the way you think. You begin to think like an investor.

Even if you’ve only got a single blog, then that is in your investment portfolio.

Or even if you don’t have any business or way of making money at all yet, that just means you currently have a blank canvas for an investment portfolio.

And you can begin to think about what money making assets you intend to build to fill up your investment portfolio.

When you begin to think like an investor it is a major mindset shift and everything becomes clear.

What’s more by learning little by little now, it means when you are ready to start investing you avoid becoming overwhelmed or having information-overload.

I have just recently started investing money in the stock market and other similar investments in my portfolio.

Having learned a little bit at a time over the years has really helped me because now when I actually invest my money I’m not half as overwhelmed as I otherwise would be.

Even just getting comfortable with the market, looking at the different stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Understanding indexes like the S&P 500 which is the top 500 US companies, and the Dow Jones which represents the top 30.

Maybe looking at some ETF (exchange traded funds) investments like the Vangaurd ETF is a good one. Also I believe Fidelity is also good.

Understanding some basics in commodities and investing in anything from natural gas and oil to raw materials and so on.

Perhaps adding some gold and precious metals to your portfolio, especially now with the economic climate being what it is.

And continuing to grow your portfolio over the long term.

So after having become a millionaire this is what I have been working on. Growing out my portfolio which I have setup in a very simple set of three investment baskets.

One low risk / low reward basket.

One moderate risk / moderate reward basket.

And one high risk / high reward basket.

And so far this strategy has been doing really well because it is setup in a way that regardless of what happens in the market, always some of my investments are up, while others may have gone down.

And this is also what led me to start this blog.

I always find the best way to learn to do something is to study people who have done what you want to do. Find out what worked for them and then do the same.

That’s why I built this blog, to really dive into understanding how billionaires got rich, so I and others can do the same.

My vision and goal for this site…

Is to help as many people around me become millionaires and beyond because I realized a long time ago…

The more people I help, the more money I make.

So I have set a goal for this site to help 1000 people become millionaires (you can read about it here).

I am a firm believer in the network effect and also helping others, because this has always been the way I have made the most money in business.

It truly is a win-win situation and a lot of good and come from it.

So I hope you join me and follow this site because together I believe myself and the people who follow along are fast headed to becoming part of…

The Super-Rich and Powerful Leaders of Tomorrow.

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