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Being your own boss and running your own business is something special that few people have managed to attain.

But why, is it so difficult to start your own internet business?

The truth is there would be many more successful internet businesses right now if the people who started them stuck with them.

On a long enough time line almost all internet businesses, especially blog businesses, will find success.

The problem is the people making them are not motivated enough and for whatever reason stop building their businesses.

If they just continued you would see that the now dead blogs would come to life and followers would begin to be interested.

It just takes a little time and effort yet the rewards of having your own internet business far outweigh the work that needs to be put in.

You can blog from anywhere in the world and earn more through selling other people’s products and services, by displaying Google AdSense or, best yet, by selling your own products.

While you will not become a billionaire blogging, it is a fantastic way of starting to make money. You can start fast and money can be made once the blog site has some traction.

It does not cost much money to start a blog. Only about $15 and you can start your own blog business today.

You can then travel around the world and explore, do what you want to do and you will be able to live off the earnings of your blog.

Better still once your blog starts to make a lot of money, for example around $10,000 per month…

You can begin to invest this money in stocks, bonds and other investments. Even real estate.

You can invest in REITs, which stand for Real Estate Investment Trusts.

This is the same as investments in real estate however you own shares of companies that invest and you profit alongside.

There are many things you can do to grow the money you generate online.

Yet to start with you will need to start your online business.

This is what we show you how to do.

“Rather than commit to pricey premises you can set up online with no technical expertise using a website builder, and start selling from your kitchen table,” says billionaire Richard Branson.

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