Is the Internet the Best Place to Start a Business?

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Not so long ago, when we wanted to buy things and shop, we would head to the town square.

Picture just a hundreds years ago, no TV, no television and no internet.

If we wanted to buy something we would need to head to the town square to buy it

An interesting quote I came across from Bill Gates today…

This is so true.

Nowadays when someone wants to buy something the first place they head to now is the internet.

Want to find out information on something you want to buy? The internet.

And these people who are now all online in the billions, these people are searching, reading and buying online.

That’s why for people wondering whether the internet is the best place to start a business, consider this…

More commerce is now conducted online everyday than in total in the “real world”.

Of course we are including here businesses that may seal the deal in the real world, but they still found the buyer online.

For example real estate is a great example.

When shopping for property you don’t usually just click and pay online…

But almost every realtor now knows the best place to find leads to sell their properties is on the internet.

I mean think about it, it’s the first place you and everyone else thinks about when searching for information about something they want to buy.

So if you can imagine you have an internet business, which can literally just be as simple as a blog…

But the beauty of it is that you now providing information about the things that people want to buy.

From there it is very easy to provide a link where they can purchase and you can make a commission off the sale.

This is very much like how I got started. I used to build blogs about things like elliptical machines, flat screen TVs, laptops and so on.

These blogs have information about the different products that were available, some comparative materials in some cases, and always a link where they could buy on Amazon.

When people click through on my affiliate links they are taken to Amazon where everything they buy I earn a commission for.

Pretty sweet.

So remember the internet is the new town square and everyone is coming here to buy.

This is your opportunity, if you choose to accept it.

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