Jack Ma

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Long before Jack Ma (Net Worth: $61.7 billion) had his big break in the e-commerce world with Alibaba.com the guy was a dismal failure.

He failed almost all his exams in school, scoring just 1 out of 120 points on the math portion of his college entrance exam.

Was then rejected from Harvard 10 times over. Was turned down for 30 jobs. Couldn’t even get a job in KFC. In fact he was the only one of 24 rejected by the fast-food joint.

When he launched Alibaba he couldn’t get it funded in Silicon Valley.

And claims to have made 1001 mistakes in growing the company,. Yet when everything is said and done, Jake Ma persisted.

And when Alibaba went public in 2010 it was the biggest initial public offering (IPO) is history.

This is the rags to riches story of how Jack Ma got rich and became a billionaire, many times over.

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