When You Find Something That Works: Don’t Stop Doing It!

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It amazes me in myself and in others how we find what works, then get bored of it and look for something else to make money.

When you find a strategy that works and makes money, you need to keep doing it.

Keep doing it even when you’re bored with it. Keep doing it even when things are moving slow.

Keep doing it!

For example when I first started my online businesses I would try something for a few weeks, and it would be working.

Like when I made my first blogs., Many of them ended in failure…’

But why?

Because I had something that was working, BUT…

I didn’t keep doing it.

If you want to reap the rewards of your time and effort, then you must keep going sowing the seeds for your grand harvest.

When people who know I became a millionaire online ask me how they can become a millionaire too?

I tell them, it’s simple…

Find a way of making money that works for you and then keep doing it.

One of the best ways of making money working from home is definitely with an online internet business.

It’s a way of making money with websites usually about niche topics, building a following and selling products and services.

It works and it is good for everyone involved.

It is good for you because it means that you now have a blog that makes money selling products.

And it is good for the buyers of those products because you are now adding value to their lives.

That’s why I always think if you are going to sell your own products, which you really should, you need to produce the highest quality you can.

You make money when someone first buys a product from your blog, sure great.

But you make far more money when that buyer now LOVES your content and what you are putting out.

And so they buy more from you. Much more.

That is how you grow your online business.

Yet very few it seems ever get to enjoy the growing and profiting from their blog or website because…

They find something which does work. Like blogging.

But they don’t keep doing it.

When you find something that works, — keep on doing it and I guarantee you will make a lot of money from it.

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