Make Life Pay The Price You Ask, Never Accept Less

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In this life we really get what we accept.

If we accept low status, very little money and generally a crappy life well, you asked for it…

And life will deliver you exactly that.

And while it may be easier to have low standards and accept whatever you get, it makes life far harder.

And while it may be harder to increase your standards and never accept the status quo, it actually makes life much easier.

Life is often somewhat back to front.

The things that are easy to do now, often make life very difficult in the future.

And the things that are hard now, often make life very easy in the future.

For example deciding and committing to starting a business may be a challenge now, yet once it’s making money for you your life will become much easier.

Increase your standards, what you will accept, have life pay the price you ask, and never lower your standards for anyone.

The moment you lower your standards for anyone it is telling the universe that actually you will accept less, and guess what?

That’s exactly what you will get.

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