Mark Zuckerberg

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Mark Zuckerberg (Net Worth: $102.1 billion) was always obsessed by the idea of “exclusivity”.

The idea that a social page shouldn’t simply be open to everyone like MySpace and other similar social networks of the time.

Yet instead users should be able to invite friends into their inner circle.

It was a brilliant idea but there was only one problem?

Despite Mark Zuckerberg being a genius coder and incredible executor of ideas.

This idea of building a social website based around the idea of “exclusively”

Wasn’t his at all.

In fact the idea was that of Divya Narendra. The man who eventually sued Mark Zuckerberg for millions.

Yet as a reader of this site you will know that far more important than any single idea, is the ability to execute the idea and turn it into a profitable business.

And Zuckerberg has to get all the credit for that.

Mark Zuckerberg alongside notably Dustin Moskovitz built the first version of the Facebook social media platform from there dorm room at Harvard

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