Module #1: Success

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This site is about studying billionaires, learning what they do, how they think and the businesses they create. We learn from billionaires because they are the top business people in the world, and we wish to emulate their success.

When I first started on my path toward becoming rich and successful, my mind was rocked.

Rocked one way into some business opportunity, only to be snapped back and suddenly jumping into another. Never staying long enough with anything to see it through to success.

I was a victim of my own “thinking” and I didn’t even realize it yet.

In Module #1: How To Take Control Of Your Mind And Direct It Toward Success

We cover the STEPS for taking control of our minds to build a life of wealth, success and abundant prosperity.

STEP 1: What is Your Definite Purpose in Life?

STEP 2: The Power of a BURNING DESIRE to Achieve Success

STEP 3: How To Build Unshakable BELIEF In Your Ultimate Success

STEP 4: How To Build Billion-Dollar Courage in Your Work and Life

STEP 5: Specialized Knowledge

STEP 6: Imagination

STEP 7: Organized Planning

STEP 8: Decision Making

STEP 9: Persistence

STEP 10: The Master Mind

STEP 11: Sex Transmutation

STEP 12: The Subconscious Mind

STEP 13: The Brain

STEP 14: Intuition “The Sixth Sense”

STEP 15: Work.

The bases of these steps are from Napoleon Hill’s work, in the book Think & Grow Rich, which you can download here (right click and save)

Think & Grow Rich is the bible of billionaires and having studied billionaires for over a decade, outlines the secret behind their massive financial success.

Many attribute their success directly to the ideas and realizations outlined in the book. Billionaires as diverse as from Chinese real estate billionaire Andrew Lim Tan… to Billionaire Oprah Winfrey.

Over the last few years something has STOOD OUT and made a dramatic impact on my success.

The more I help other people and provide value in their lives, the more success I experience in mine.

Once I began to connect with what I would call truth, or the real, is when I began to see the errors in my thinking.

You may not realize this, you may not even believe it, yet the real difference between you and also I, and self-made billionaires:

Billionaires have got their minds working for them, instead of against them.

They connect with the real in almost every situation and have learned how to not only contact with truth, but also direct their minds toward the accomplishment of whatever it is they set their minds on.

And this is beyond simple willpower. Which is important. Yet willpower alone is not enough.

It is actually many factors rolled into one which starts a PROCESS of becoming rich. It’s not an event. It does not happen in an instant.

Becoming rich occurs as a process over extended periods of time. Thinking, seeing and acting in specific ways which ALWAYS produces success and riches.


In this section title:

Module #1: How To Have An Idea And Begin to Make It a Reality in Your Life

We start at the beginning.

Back to basics. And even if you believe “you’ve heard it all before”.

This time stop. Because even if you have been studying success and the accumulation of riches, and even if you have heard much of this before, I believe I have created the most comprehensive guide for the accumulation of riches online.

Module 1 is based from book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill… The Bible of Billionaires.

It is a very old book yet it truly is the manuscript of millionaires, the bible of billionaires.

And I set about updating it adding my personal experience with harnessing the tools and strategies found inside the book. As well as providing examples from billionaires of today that I have been studying.

This gives you the BASE to start your journey from, before we go into the more specific tools and techniques of turning your idea into a profitable business.

And it is all here available for free:

Here you can go onto Module #2.

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