Never Give Up

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Don’t you ever, ever give up on your hopes and dreams for your future.

Keep going everyday until you pull your vision out of the realm of fantasy and into your reality.

I can tell you the only way you will truly fail is if you give up.

Keep going, building your vision everyday and there will come a time soon when you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The way I have found it works is like this.

I have an idea for a website that I would like build. Maybe it’s in snowboarding or ski vacations, for example.

I can see that for this website I should write different pages about the places where people can go on vacation, the resorts available and any special offers that can help people vacation at a discount.

Then I create an online e-book which is all the inside tips and advice on how to go on a luxury ski vacation… without paying through the nose.

So as you can see so far there has been quite some work to put that website together.

And at this point for this example I have yet to launch my e-book.

Let’s say by week 7 however I have created the pages I needed for the website and I have finished putting everything together for my short guide on how to save on your ski trip.

Now I begin selling, and by week 9 I am making about $50 per day from the website.

Now fast forward 6 months and everyday this website is now making me between $100 – $250 per day.

So you can see how this happens.

Yet one thing is for sure. If you give up and quit in week 5, you will never see the profits that week 9 brings.

And you definitely won’t be making the money you would be in 6 months.

The key is to keep going and never give up.

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