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You’ve likely heard of people talking about Internet Marketing and using the web to make money…

But what really is Internet Marketing anyway?

And has anyone use it to become a billionaire?

While the internet has not been around that long, many people have made billions of dollars by applying marketing online.

Mark Cuban is an obvious one where he founded which was essentially the first online radio station and began streaming for the first time in history.

They actually streamed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first time and when the IPO’d which is when a company goes public, their stock grew by 250% which was a new record at the time.

It started off as an online business, utilizing online marketing skills alongside more traditional outreach, negotiating and closing deals.

Of course just 9 months after going public the company was sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion in stock.

Over the next year Mark Cuban sold off much of his Yahoo! stock and began investing his billions in new projects.

So this is one of many stories of self-billionaire internet marketers.

There are many more. In many ways Mark Zuckerberg employed many internet marketing techniques to start Facebook.

Jeff Bezos of course used internet marketing to launch and successfully make Amazon a household name.

People all over the world from the U.S. to China, India to Greece, have all been logging on, and getting paid online through internet marketing for almost two decades now.

And the amount of people who have started blogs, and other web businesses, allowing them to live anywhere in the world and enjoy the internet lifestyle is really countless.

Internet Marketing is a tried and true approach to using the online market place to sell products and services to literally millions of people.

It’s a way to sell things from anywhere in the world, from Thailand to Australia, Bali to Argentina, it’s all ready and available for the man who works online.

For example I have personally lived in Thailand, Bali, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Portugal and stayed for long durations in many more places too.

While internet marketing is not new there have been many changes in the industry. Many of which have been good…

For example it used to be the case that spammers could make a lot of money with crappy websites and massive spamming.

Yet that now is not really the case.

Now if you want to make money online you need to produce work that is quality, You really need to have something to say.

What I always recommend to people is that they find their passion. What it is that interests them…

Because if you build a blog or website about something that sounds profitable, let’s say “buying bonds” but in reality you know nothing about the bond market…

Well then this is a surefire way to fail with your internet marketing efforts.

Yet on the other hand let’s say for example you are an avid snowboarder or you like to ski. Well then this could be a great topic for a blog or website about skiing and enjoying the great outdoors.

Believe me there are may people who are reading sites about the best places to go skiing, how to get discounted rates, and inside information about the different ski resorts and vacation pricing.

If you were to build a blog site about that and kept updating it you would soon build up a following of readers and could sell an e-book for example about “how to save on your ski vacation”., or similar.

There are literally a million little niche markets you can go into…

In fact, and this is why I think this is so silly.

When people say that there is less opportunity now then there was ten years ago, it’s total bull.

That’s not true at all.

There is now more opportunity than ever before and I’ll tell you why.

Rewind ten years ago and many of the smaller niche markets were far too small to go into.

Back in the day there simply was not enough people using the internet for these things to support making a blog that was just about saving on your ski holding, using the previous example.

Now however because the internet is being used by so many more people there are a million and one new markets which were too small before, yet now could support a blog that easily makes $10,000 per month.

So to get started on your journey to making money online with a blog or website, start to think now about what kind of subjects do you know about.

What do you read about anyway? And what is your passion?

For me I created this blog because I have been living around the world for over a decade now, making all my money online, and have racked up some good profits and saved it.

Now I have made it my definite purpose in life to become a billionaire through my internet marketing and also my offline businesses (which are supported with internet marketing by the way…)

I have been studying for many years and beginning to invest money too in the stock market. In investment vehicles like safe ETF (exchange traded funds), U.S. government bonds, metals like gold and silver, as well as some private equity.

I also do know two billionaires and many more people who are at the $10 million+ level, as well as a swath of self-made internet millionaires.

And while I won’t sit here and tell you that internet marketing is really easy and it will make you a millionaire by next week…

What I will say is that the reward you get by being your own boss, working on your own projects and doing so on topics that you are passionate about…

Well that alone for me anyway is why I do it. Above all else.

I hate working for other people. I have only held down one job like that but I can tell you it does not work for me.

What works for me is running my own online businesses and profiting with them over the long-term.

Investing the profits from my internet businesses into the stock market and similar investments.

Growing my portfolio and hopefully would like to start getting into some more real estate investing.

All this coming directly from being an internet marketer, building websites and blogs, and profiting from the sale of products and clicks of advertising.

It is by far the easiest way to set yourself up in business pretty much immediately.

And once you get going and the money is coming in from a blog you built…

And all you got to do is keep writing a few blog articles and become part of the community of other blogs, well this actually gets very easy.

I could go on and on about the benefits of starting your own business and doing it online, yet I think more than anything considering you are on this website…

The answer is “Yes”. A resounding yes…

There have already been self-made billionaire internet marketers, and I can tell you fast forward ten years and we will see A LOT more billionaires who started off in internet marketing.

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