Overcome Fear of Failure

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Sara Blakely is super cool in my book. She’s a woman who went after her dreams designed her product, built her business to a valuation of over a billion while maintaining her equity stake in the major majority.

Her company, Spanx, which is a great name and seems to be a really high quality product is still owned by her I’m pretty sure in the region of 90%+.

She has stock market guys literally begging her to take it public, both in real life and even on a cameo appearance she made on Billions TV series.

She tells us that her dad actually encouraged her to fail, which can sound counter-intuitive because isn’t your dad supposed to want you to succeed?

Success is found on the far side of failure. If you are afraid to fail then you will never start and that is the only true failure. That, and quitting.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

“Failing is not an outcome, failure is not trying” — Sarah Blakely

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