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Preparation means work. It doesn’t mean procrastination.

So many people that I meet who claim that they are 100% committed to becoming rich are stuck in a perpetual state of procrastination.

Often hidden even to themselves as they “research” or “wait for the perfect timing”.

The timing will never be perfect. The research never complete.

You just need to start.

When you start you will see that the things you need will begin to come to you. That might sound woo woo or somehow spiritual I know…

Yet the truth is that almost every highly successful person, every billionaires knows, that what you think about you bring about.

And when you are working toward a DEFINITE PURPOSE IN LIFE, a vision worth sacrificing for, a desire worth fighting for…

You do it. Even if the odds are stacked against you.

And you will see that when you just start working everyday doing everything you can to make your vision a reality. Things will begin to come into your life as your path to riches opens up ahead of you.

That’s when luck starts to happen.

Luck. Really, is when your working preparation meets an opportunity in your life.

Yet if you are not working everyday and therefore naturally preparing yourself, you will not be able to take advantage of “Luck” when it comes.

Instead you may see the opportunity but not be able to grab it because you did not do the work to prepare yourself for it in the first place.

Forget about work-life balance. If you really want it, then prove it to Life. Show Life that you are ready for it by working now and working hard.

“The law of compensation works in this way. When one is ready for anything it always puts in its appearance.” says Napoleon Hill after studying billionaires over 25 years.

Prepare yourself now by working toward what it is that you want to bring into reality in your life.

It is called working your ass off. The difference is what you are willing to sacrifice. For every guy who wants balance in their life, there is a guy like me who gives up a lot to make their dreams come true. There is always going to be someone out there that knows they have to compensate for maybe having less talent with harder work and preparation.” — Mark Cuban

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