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Some billionaires get rich in somewhat boring industries like investing in utilities, or mining, manufacturing, etc. These are of course big money makers.

Yet its true that when we think about “Billionaire” and what that represents to us, we think about larger than life real estate investors like now POTUS Donald Trump.

As well as real estate moguls are like celebrities like Robert Kiyosaki author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”… it’s glamorize and exciting.

Yet do you need to be some quasi-celebrity to be a billionaire real estate investor…

No, of course not.

Most real estate billionaires aren’t even really known about, sometimes because they’re lower down and in greater number in the 1 to 2 billion dollar range which still puts a billionaire under the radar somewhat on Forbes, etc.

Other reasons is because these are major real estate families. Families like the Rothschild family…

Now here’s a family where no single member holds too much value accumulating excessive net worth. That would cause far too much attention.

If you own half the money in the world, or even a twentieth of it, you don’t want the whole world knowing about it.

Anyway, enough on conspiracy theory 101, the reality is it’s true that families do split wealth in this way and many do not want to be known about.

And its also true that much of the billionaires in the world don’t actually want to be accounted for they would prefer to stay out of the public eye.

Hey and who can blame them. For me personally unless it was a case that I had to be famous – I wouldn’t ask for it.

Far better being an incognito billionaire… why sacrifice your freedom?

I love to travel and when I travel I like to go everywhere, if people recognized me and started coming over that would be a total drag…

Imagine if you were Donald Trump or Johnny Depp for example, — you’d never want to go outside.

Investing in Real Estate Without Having to Ever Buy (or manage) a Property

So we have well established that there are many billionaires who invest in real estate and enjoy profiting without being in the public eye.

They are not celebrities. They are billionaires.

And as billionaires they have either inherited, part inherited or completely self-made their success and billion dollar wealth.

And the way many billionaires invest is in real estate, but not in directly buying property like you may think…

Instead by investing into something called REITs or a REIT.

These stand for a Real Estate Investment Trust where you can invest into companies who are actively buying, building and developing properties.

Usually they are very diversified and will be into everything from apartment rental corporations, building projects for casinos, and even resort and in some case, entire islands.

So when you buy into a specific REIT or more likely you buy into an ETF life Vanguard VNQ or Van Ek, iShare, and so on.

These generate returns that have been beating the S&P 500 exchange index funds. Which are similar to buying a REIT ETF yet are buying the top 500 companies in the stock market.

You can compare the differences and pros and cons of REITS vs ETFs here.

Yet the great think that REITs do is they allow anyone to buy a share in the growth of the real estate and housing markets.

You don’t need to scout properties to buy, negotiate, deploy labor, lease out, sell or do any of that other jive.

Here you can simply buy shares in companies that are doing this, pretty much better than anyone else out there is doing it.

Why work?

It seems cooler and more celebrity like to want to be the big go-out-there-and-get-’em type big ego like Donald Trump…

Yet the reality is the smart money is surely on the guy who can invest his money, make a wise return, and focus attention elsewhere while they let their money grow and multiply.

I know for me anyway on my quest to become a billionaire I want to leverage my time, energy and money all specifically on achieving my goal.

If I can be building and working on entrepreneurial projects while my money is being invested in the same place that Jerome Powell – director of the Fed – is putting down his money. I AM A O.K. WID THAT.

Damn if one wants to get good at something then I can tell you, you gotta do that thing everyday.

You can’t do something sometimes and expect to become the best in the world. Because you get it to become a billionaire you better be pretty damn good at something.

Business is a sport afterall.

I love how Mark Cuban talks about “The Sport of Business” when I read his book that always stood out to me.

It’s a cool way to think about it. And nowadays that’s literally the only way I see my business building times. It’s a sport.

You train for it. You learn. You read. You really seek to become the best you can be.

Why leave anything on the table when you can throw everything into one pursuit. One goal. Channeling all your energy, everything, into achieving your goals and vision for yourself.

If you think you can or can’t cliche or not, you’re right.

Now I’m not saying you can positive think yourself to being a billionaire, I think without action that is clearly not true.

But with action. With a mission and vision for yourself and your family, you can think that this is a possible achievement.

What’s more the reality is that earning over $1 million dollars per year in and of itself is really the BIG, MAJOR DIFFERENCE.

Billionaires will not likely spend their wealth. They don’t want to. Many are giving the most of it away.

Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to give 99% of his wealth away.

So that’s not what it’s all about.

For me anyway, I like the vision and idea about being a billionaire more than anything.

It’s not whether I actually ultimately may become a billionaire or not, it’s the path.

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