So Your Mama Didn’t Hug You?

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Sorry bro, but get over it.

If you want to be a billionaire one day then you need to leg go of any bullshit that may be holding you back.

This is a serious mission.

Forget about the past, silly insecurities, and any other BS that is not directly helping you fulfill your vision.

And if you want to only fantasize about becoming a billionaire, then yeah go ahead and play on instagram…

This blog is for people who are serious about turning their dreams and vision, into their reality.

We’re starting businesses here, hustling and making real things happen.

That could even be in your everyday job where for example being like Mark Cuban you may want to really get involved and understand what it is you’re working on.

That way you can find new ways of doing it better and possibly even start a competing company.

Just so you get the reference this is what Mark Cuban did when he was just getting started.

He was working for a company called Your Business Software, which installed software for banks. Software was just coming in at the time.

Mark would always be in there talking with the bank’s CEO and other executives, networking and selling services.

One day he was out closing a sale and his boss (who was probably jealous of Cuban’s entrepreneurial spirit) fired him.

So what did he do, did he go home and cry to mama?

He started his own company. Called it MicroSolutions. And sold it a few years later for a personal profit of over $2 million.

He then proceeded to grow his net worth by discovering innovative ways of leveraging the internet to main stream media.

So he founded, later selling it to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion.

‘Nuff said

Or if you hate your job and can’t think of anything worse than networking with the people involved and looking to start your own thing in the space… then err…

You need to change industries. Look for a new job.

Can you be involved in new technologies or movements?

Nowadays the internet (which is still a relatively new technology btw), has given birth to lots of movements and many do make money.

Bitcoin for example is a new child of the internet in many ways. And while I think it’s a high risk and bad investment when you consider it’s intrinsic value, or lack there of…

It still was a massive opportunity at that time. (You can read my thoughts on Bitcoin here).

One of the best ways to make money and start earning is to start a business on the internet. This is for sure.

There is no other technology that you likely use everyday and are probably better at than you realize, that you can easily turn into money for you and your future.

Richard Branson says if he were to start all over again he would start online.

We just mentioned Mark Cuban and how he became a billionaire. Now think of Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook… Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

Walmart now makes a major part of its $500 billion year revenue online, through the acquisition of e-commerce sites like As well as where they are competing against Amazon for the Indian market.

The internet is a great place.

So quit whining.

Forget about any silly idea that there is no opportunity.

Forget about how you’re not good enough or any other BS from your childhood holding you back.

And start today building a business that will support you and your family for a lifetime.

You just have to start.

To your freedom,

Bill Young

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