Something for Nothing?

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One thing I’ve noticed meeting different people and talking about our visions for ourselves and the future…

A lot of people seem to want something for nothing.

It’s as if they feel the world owes them something and should deliver…

Look: the world doesn’t owe you a goddamn thing.

If you have a vision for yourself becoming a billionaire, great that’s good, and we have something in common.

But don’t ever think that you somehow deserve this in your own right and the world should just give this to you.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way at all in my experience.

And look while I don’t think the universal laws like the law of attraction work like they do in the movie, The Secret…

I do see clear evidence that what you think about you bring about.

But if all day long all you are doing is dreaming about being a billionaire and taking no action…

Then guess what?

You ain’t gonna make no money what-so-ever.

To make money, especially large amounts of money, over $1 million and hell all the way to becoming a billionaire…

You gotta work.

I mean really put some effort in toward your dreams and vision for yourself.

The thing is, and this is really the True Secret…

The work is great!

When you are doing something that you enjoy and going toward your vision everyday I can tell you it’s a privilege to do the work.

That’s why I am such a strong advocate of working on something that you are already passionate about.

Don’t just try and become an investment banker just because you think it will make you good money.

That’s a lousy reason and it will fall apart very quickly under pressure.

Believe me the amount of ex-finance guys I meet who have switched to become internet marketers is staggering.

Many find it far better being their own bosses working online and keeping everything they earn, instead of actually working in an office environment.

Why Internet Businesses Are a Great Way To Start Making Money

Then again, maybe you thrive in an office environment and then absolutely make money where it suits you best.

But one thing is for sure…

Whatever it is you decide to do. Decide to do it. Properly.

Decide to become as good as you can possibly be.

Set a vision for yourself to become the best in the world at your specific chosen pursuit.

Because if you want to become a billionaire, that is really what it takes. Becoming the best in the world at what you do, and doing it all the way to the billionaire level and beyond.

It will take changing some things in your lifestyle now, so you can live the lifestyle you want later.

It may take telling your buddies that you’re working and can’t go out tonight.

It will take at least a short-term amount of giving up the things that you want to do now, so you can build the future for yourself later.

I really like the quote from Victor Pride “live like no one else will, so you can live like no one else can later”.

And I also like the point he makes in this post where he talks about how it is not a sacrifice at all.

“It’s not a sacrifice to rise above or become something great. There’s no sacrifice in making great music, there’s no sacrifice in writing a book, there’s no sacrifice in starting a million dollar company. These people are doing exactly what they want! They’re following their mission in life.”

So forget about fantasizing and start taking action, putting in energy and giving toward your vision for yourself.

And if you really want to understand a law of the universe, understand this…

When you put energy into something, it is like putting fuel into it, that energy goes into the universe and reflects back to you.

This is why and I’ve seen this happen time in my life time and again, when I put energy into a project and set a dollar value that I would like that energy returned in…

It comes back in the form of big fat pay checks.

Works every time.

For now, I’m getting back to the business of making money.

Bill Young

P.S, and remember, something for nothing is purely an illusion and will evaporate in front of your very eyes if you chase it.

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