Subconscious Mind

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So much of our lives are determined by what is stored, processed and, most importantly, BELIEVED by our subconscious minds.

This something that it seems all super-rich and billionaires know.

Many purposefully taking control of the content stored in their subconscious mind to install plans, beliefs and a bias for action.

The subconscious mind really does seem to be an area of the mind where things can be “installed”. And when installed using simple mental techniques, are then acted upon by the person as a whole.

It is as if

To do this we first must create unity of the mind. You see, much of the mind is competing against other parts of the mind.

Ever get the feeling when trying to choose or make a decision on something, that you feel pulled in difference directions?

This is because the mind lacks unity. If you can unite your mind toward a specific outcome and direct it through continuous focused action…

There is really very little a person can’t achieve in this world.

This is something which I think — without getting into conspiracy theory — many of the super-rich and powerful people in this world don’t want us to know.

I’m not talking about the Mark Cuban’s of this world or the Warren Buffett’s who do try to help people.

I’m more talking about the EXTREME POWERFUL families that have dominated the financial systems and even government, for centuries.

Families like the Rothschild dynasty.

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