What Will You Say Looking Back Ten Years From Now?

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What are you going to say looking back ten years from now?

Are you going to say “yes I’m so happy I decided not to follow my dreams and instead kept on with a job that I hated around people I dislike? That worked really well for me”.

Or are you going to decide that you will start today and wake up every morning happy and motivated pursuing your vision.

And I can tell you…

You will feel a damn sight better when you are following your vision and dreams for yourself.

It’s an incredible thing in fact I feel so fortunate to have found it.

When you get out there and hustle to make what you know is yours, come to you… you feel great all the time.

I feel amazing every time I create a new website, or even write a new blog post, buy a new stock…

All these things are taking me closer to my ultimate vision for myself and my mind seems to reward me with happy good feelings all the time.

And you know when I feel lousy?

When I’m not actively working toward making my vision for myself, a reality.

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