The 1% Club, Reserved For Those Who Follow Their Dreams

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If you want to make it into the top 1% then you had better realize something…

The people who make it here are people who have their priorities straight.

I can’t tell you how many people tell me that they want to do what I do, get paid online and travel the world as I do.

But then you see they can’t stop themselves from having to attend every social event, every party, or simply sit at a bar and drink.

Yet it’s only when you changed your priorities and start working toward your vision can you realize your goals.

The 1% is reserved for the people who put the work toward their dreams as the number 1 priority above everything else.

It’s for people who demand that life pays them the price they desire and have the courage to conquer fear and do the work.

And the great thing is I can now sit at a bar in a fancy New York spot and it’s absolutely fine.

Or I can lay on a beach in the Bahamas, enjoy a massage and do whatever I like.

Because I have already done so much work that it now continues to pay me over and over again.

This is another great thing about the internet lifestyle because this is the way it works:

First when you are just starting out you are building your website, blog or other internet business and you are not getting paid for it because you are working for yourself.

Yet after a while money starts coming in really associated to your initial work on your project now turned profitable online business.

After that money continues to come in from previous work that you have done and you keep getting paid over and over again.

So you can enjoy a cocktail, travel, explore, meet new people and generally enjoy your life… and continue to get paid without working at this point.

Of course if you keep doing this and not working then after a while it will catch up with you and your profits will diminish.

Yet provided you keep on working at least in some capacity you keep that gravy train coming and keep getting paid over and over again.

It’s a great business, a great lifestyle, and my mission is to help more people realize it for themselves.

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