The Trade-Off: Do This And Live The Rest of Your Life like No One Else Can

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Do you really think you’re going to care what other people think when you’re a multimillionaire?

Believe me you really don’t.

The only time I cared about what others thought of me was when I was just starting out.

At the time I really had very little money and was starting to build a business online.

Almost everyone in my life continually chided me and my vision for myself and my future.

At the time becoming a millionaire was a really big deal for me… lucky I continued doing what I was doing.

I can tell you the moment you even start having success with your internet business or whatever business or opportunity it may be, the people who laughed at you will do a complete 180 turn and suddenly being saying things like…

“Oh, I always actually believed in you”

“I knew you’d make it in the end”

Which is fine I forgive them. The point is though if you are just starting your business and have little money…

There’s going to be a bit of time when you are likely going to have to live like no one else wants to.

Working over the weekends, deciding to continue building your business instead of attending social events and giving your all to what you are building.

I say go for it!

Forget about what people may think or say now, just think how good you will feel when you make it and now those people are green in envy over what you have built.

At the time when I was starting and everyone in my life was calling me a fool and a loser, it was horrible.

Yet now looking back it makes me feel amazing because I know I lived and did things like no one else will…

And that now allows me to live like no one else can.

I travel continually, exploring tropical locations like Bali, Phuket and Maldives… discovering cities like Hong Kong, Paris and Rio.

I can buy just about anything I want, want a luxury watch? No problem.

New wardrobe of clothes? Sure buy whatever you want.

I have achieved this because I lived a few years like nobody else would want to, and now I can live the rest of my life like very few people can.

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