Think Like An Investor

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If there’s one thing I wish I did from the start it would be to Think Like An Investor.

When you look at everything through the lens of an investment, everything begins to become clear.

Instead of just jumping into things without clear goals and objectives, you consider carefully the pros and cons of everything you invest in…

Even if you’re just investing your time and energy.

You consider the investment and your expected return.

For example, you want to start a blog because you can see that at least some bloggers are making very good money writing about things they are passionate about.

Instead of looking at it like a hobby or even a side gig…

Look at it as an investment into a business. A part of your growing investment portfolio.

This really upgrades the way you think.

Not only do you now see it as a business, you see it as an investment of time, money and energy. Your three most valuable resources.

Of course if you’re just starting out don’t get too caught up in analysis and forget to start…

Starting is the most important thing and it always will be.

Thing is I never had a problem starting things. Even if I knew there was a good chance it would end in failure I also knew that something good would come out of it.

Yet now with every business decision I make I look at how it fits into my investment portfolio as a whole.

I separate my investment portfolio quite simply into three baskets.


My first basket is for my safe investments. Inside I have some physical gold and other precious metals, I have my Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) (like vanguard or fidelity investments) and also some very safe Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

This safe basket also includes my profitable internet website assets. In fact these form the base of my financial success and bail me out when a more risky investment I make goes wrong.


In my second basket I have my moderate risk investments like my new online business ventures.

When I’m investing substantial time, energy and money into a new project I realize that it is quite intensive on my resources and so factor that into how I look at each investment of this kind that I take on.


This is my more risky investments yet these are the big swings. Some of the investments I make in this basket could quickly earn me many millions of dollars if one really comes through for me.

They’re risky and they involve investing in start-ups and single specific stocks for example.

There is definitely chance of losing money in the investments in my third basket. Yet, like I said, if one really pays off it could turn me into a multi-millionaire faster than anything else I am invested in right now.

Think Like a Billionaire

After studying the lives of billionaires for over a decade I’ve definitely learned that they think about everything they do as an investment.

Whether they’re investing money, or putting in time and energy, they are fully aware an investment is being made.

And when you start thinking like this there really is no other way of thinking about anything…

Even a vacation is definitely something I think about as an investment nowadays.

If I’m taking a trip to Japan and snowboarding for a week I realize that I am investing my time and money for emotional renewal. I come back from a trip like that refreshed and ready to work with twice the energy and motivation.

If I’m looking at a new project for starting a website online, I definitely factor in specifically how much time and energy is going to be invested.

If you’re just starting out and you are building your first blog then sure it’s great that you can invest your time and energy instead of money…

Pretty soon though you end up having more money than time and you need to really value your time and energy AS YOUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCES.

Ask just about any billionaire what their most valuable resource is and they are going to tell you either time, energy or both.

Think like an investor. Think like a billionaire. And you will see your money and net worth grow.

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