Think Your Way To Becoming a Billionaire?

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Now this is a subject that I both love and hate.

I love it because it’s true.

You truly can Think & Grow Rich, IF… you also apply continual ACTION.

What I hate about the law of attraction movement let’s call it, is the idea you can sit on your ass all day and dream about being a billionaire and…


Suddenly out of nowhere the money making fairy bestows it on you…

Look I’ve studied countless billionaires, how they made their money, the adversity trials and tribulations they went through.

While each and every one of them from Andrew Carnegie to modern day Larry Ellison had a winning billionaire mindset…


They worked, They hustled, They built the vision for themselves and moved it from just a common fantasy… to uncommon profits and success.

And while it’s true not everyone will become a billionaire, hell some people won’t even become millionaires, — one thing I believe is that everyone can become rich enough to be happy and healthy.

And it does all start from having a mindset that is setup for success.

I mean look at it, if all day long you mope about the house and look out into the world in depression…

Complaining there are no opportunities out there and no way to make money and have success… then yes, this is what you will see and what you will get.

If you look out into the world and believe there are millions of opportunities – which there really are – dream about making millions of dollars, even billions…

But don’t take any action…

Well then your results won’t be much better than the guy who mopes in depression.

Because the other side of thinking your way to success and riches, is taking the steps to move your visualization into reality.

This takes starting something.

Starting a business for example. It takes looking at the market to see what people want and delivering it up to them at a cost and quality which beats the competition.

Thinking your way to billions is clearly something that exists in reality, And if you haven’t yet read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill… then it’s time you did.

And when you do read it you will notice that inside the stories of people who accumulated massive wealth, hundreds of billions in some cases (adjusted to modern dollar).

What you will see is these people like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie did more than just think and believe they could achieve their visions.

They went out into the world and put in effort toward what it is they believed they could do.

So yes by all means look at pictures and read blogs and watch video that motivates you and plants the seeds for success…

I do it all the time. I think it’s a great way to motivate toward success by envisioning these things for yourself.

But then go into the world and make REAL PLANS on how you are going to achieve this level of wealth.

What is it that you are going to give?

Remember the billionaires in this world are people who have actually given to others far more than they have in return.

That may sound counter-intuitive yet it is absolutely true.

If you want to become a billionaire you need to give first. Give and receive it is a law of life.

Find out what you know about and are passionate about, find a way of giving this to A LOT of people, have a dollar value associated for what you are providing and you will make money with this.

It is the way this world works.

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