You Don’t Have To Go To a Top School (or any) To Become a Billionaire

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It amazes me still how some really quite silly people think that going to a top school will somehow be the best route to become a billionaire… or be successful.

Worse still are people that didn’t attend some ivy league school or top university and think that this is the reason that they will never be successful.

What silly BS is this.

Look in actual fact if you study the lives of billionaires many did not go to top schools… Hell, some didn’t go to school at all.

Do you think Richard Branson who finished school at 16 and before that didn’t even really attend, told himself he could never be successful because of this?

Of course not. The guy went out hustled his way and built companies, first in music and then, well, in everything.

And you may say, yeah but these guys are super special and that’s why I’m not like that.

Fair enough and agreed. These guys likely do have some special stuff going on…

But the reality is you may too. And what’s more while this blog is about becoming a billionaire and the vision to achieve that…

Like I always say that is the overarching vision, to be a billionaire. But it is not likely you would be complaining about being a multi-millionaire either.

To become a billionaire like Mark Cuban I’ve quoted saying “to become a billionaire you’ve got to get lucky”… “Could I become a multi-millionaire again? I have no doubt”.

Forget silliness and childish ideas about how you are somehow not good enough. That’s BS.

If you are reading this then you have a mind to learn and you can evolve the way you think.

Keep going along this path and your confidence will improve and you will begin to really believe in yourself.

From there it starts a positive cycle with everything building on each other and you actually end up with a big fat ego when you’re making the big bucks.

That’s what happened to me. Went from shy and reclusive to massive ego and obnoxious.

You don’t have to go there but it is a powerful experience one way or the other.

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