How To Travel All Over The World And Work Online

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I have a secret that I would like to share.

What I do for a living is actually so simple that if you saw it you would want to copy it and do it too.

Imagine for a moment that all you had to do was write some blog posts and articles and the money just came in.

Hardly no thinking because you are writing about a subject that you are already passionate about.

Hardly no work because the blog posts essentially write themselves, you’re writing about things that interest you.

And after that you can hit the beach, explore an ancient temple and live the internet lifestyle in whichever destination you are currently in.

I personally have lived in Portugal, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I’ve lived all over the world simply by maintaining a blog and building a following of people interested in what I am writing about.

This is perhaps one of the best times in history.

I mean where else in history did you have the opportunity to live and work where ever you please?

To work from your laptop and explore new and interesting cultures?

To be your own boss and not have to answer to anyone else?


Well I’ll tell you…


There was never such an opportunity to work from home, or work from abroad, than there is today.

Now it’s all here for you.

And while you may not blog your way to becoming a billionaire you can – I have – become a millionaire with websites and blogs.

From there you can invest the money you make from your websites and blogs into safe investments like an EFT (exchange traded fund) and grow your wealth.

Because the other great way of making even more money after you are making money blogging…

Is to make money in the stock market.

With stocks it is similar to the internet lifestyle because you can buy stocks from anywhere in the world, and following a value investing approach…

Hold them and sell them when the market hits its peak.

With just these two simple strategies…


Starting a blog about a subject that you have a passion for, building a simple e-book and selling it from your blog.

And two…


Investing your profits into the stock market, likely best doing so into a safe ETF investment, and growing your returns.

Well this is the way I am currently turning myself from a millionaire into a multimillionaire.

My goal and vision for myself as you can read on this blog is to become a billionaire. And while it’s a goal I may never reach, it gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward…

And since having this vision and motivation I have been making a lot more money.

So something is working and I really hope I can motivate as many people as I can to follow me on my journey and become rich and free too!

To your freedom,

Bill Young

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