Truth About Get Rich Quick Schemes

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Forget about get rich quick schemes. I mean really. What are you an investor or a loser?

Are you creating something of value or are you trying to crank the system to try and get something for nothing.

Okay now hold that thought and likewise realize that the vast majority of people who did get rich did tend to do so very quickly.

Often making billions in less than 5 years by taking a company public like Evan Spiegel did when he took Snapchat public and became a self-made billionaire overnight.

There is a difference between get rich quick schemes, and simply getting rich quickly by real means.

Just for the record I don’t really trust Jordan Belfort that much, I’ve read both his books, which the movie was based on, and I’ve also listened to a couple of his recorded live seminars.

I don’t get an authentic vibe from him at all.

Maybe it’s just because I read his books and he isn’t shy about admitting that he’s a bit of a damn scoundrel.


Get rich quick schemes are actually just scams. That is what I am talking about here.

Different ways and secret “systems” that are marketed on making you rich overnight.


They do not make you rich at all.

In fact the only people that may get rich selling this crap, are the product creators themselves.

Yet that’s if Karma doesn’t catch them first…

One thing is for sure though if you study the lives of business people who became billionaires they did often do it quickly.

For example how long did it take for Mark Zuckerberg to become a billionaire? Or the founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page?

Just a few years.

So while you should definitely avoid to get rich quick schemes that claim they can make you rich overnight…

It is true that you can become very rich in just a few years.

One of the ways we find to get started making money is to start a business on the internet.

This is easy because it is something you can start from home, costs very little to get started and you can work on it as a side gig.

From there when it is making money you can begin to invest the profit you make into the stock market.

The stock market has the potential of earning you a lot more money when you have enough to start with.

If you are starting with very little money then start by making a blog.

This will help you make anywhere from around $1500 to $10,000 per month relatively easily.

From there you can begin to start investing your money to get much richer as the market grows.

So stay away from scam products and people trying to sell get rich quick schemes…

While opening your mind to the possibilities of becoming rich relatively fast.

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