No One’s Going to Give It You, You Have to Take It

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If you’re waiting around with the hopes of winning the lottery or somehow striking rich blind…

Then good luck.

In this world, no one’s gonna give it you, — you have to take it for yourself.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t yet made your first million then you need to decide on the strategy you are going to take.

You must have a plan of how you are going to go from where you’re at now to $1 million dollars, or else your time invested in this is wasted.

If if you are already a millionaire, then you likewise need to make a plan of how you are going to go from millionaire to multi-millionaire.

And if you share the same vision as I do then you have a vision for yourself of one day becoming a billionaire…

And although my vision to become a billionaire is more of an overarching goal to strive toward, you better believe I still have a plan.

Having a plan is what took me from literally ZERO to $100,000 and from there to over a million dollars now.

Without a plan I can’t see how I ever could have made that happen.

With the plan I made it slightly slower than I could have done now thinking back on it, but still pretty damn fast.

Especially when compared to conventional jobs that suckers take.

I for one realize that no one is going to give me anything in this life. If I want something I have to take it for myself.

That’s why right now I am perfecting my plans of turning my modest $1 million dollars, into $10 million and I’ve given myself 5 years to do it.

I have a plan.

For example, part of my plan is my new investment strategies where I have invested in an ETF.

An ETF stands for an exchange traded fund and is an investment vehicle that allows you to buy an entire index of stocks, thereby lowering your risk while matching market returns.

But hey guess what?

Just about as soon as I made that investment stocks started to tumble. I was aware that my market timing wasn’t ideal because we have been in a major bull-run for the last decade.

Yet I still wanted to invest some money for the learning experience and to get started testing my newly learned investment strategies.

And this also leads me to the next major point…

You have to plan your work, and work your plan.

Not always does everything go as planned which is why you need to be ready and have backup plans and be ready to shift, change and adapt to new circumstances.

Adapt or die.

And one thing I learned from my experience breaking into online marketing and making money online…

Provided I don’t give up and quit, keep adapting and changing as I learn new things and see results, then I will break into the world of investing too.

And this is really important on my quest to turn my modest $1 million into $10 million and more.

And from there if I continue to exponentially increase my returns on investments, I believe I can reach $100 million.

This is something I am quite sure of in my lifetime.

Whether I get all the way to being a billionaire, well we will see.

That is the vision.

Yet as you may have read in past blog posts that I have written, to become a billionaire you really need to get lucky.

I like the Mark Cuban quote where he’s asked what he would do if he lost his billions and had to start again from scratch…

To which he replies along the lines of “I don’t know if I could become a billionaire again, to become a billionaire you’ve got to get lucky…

Could I become a multi-millionaire again? I have no doubt.”

So as you can see straight from a billionaires mouth and many more, most billionaires realize and do attribute luck as a multiplier of their efforts.

In any case, the way I see it is this:

If you do all the right things and have modest luck in life you should be able to get to $100 million net worth.

If you do all the right things but have bad luck you should still be able to reach a net worth of $10 million dollars.

And if you do everything right and get a lot of good luck you truly can become a billionaire.

Don’t believe me?

Read the biographies and autobiographies of billionaires. Study them, listen to what they have to say.

They will tell you the same.

Billionaire status is out there, and it is waiting for you and me to take it.

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